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Endō Hiromi at home
(Shirone, Niigata city, Niigata prefecture, 2018)

Endō Hiromi is an amateur maker and also an active participant in the Giant Kite Battle of Shirone. The picture was taken in his house, which is an old wooden house. His father was a tatami maker; the entrance, where the photograph was shot, was where his father received customers. Hiromi is someone very hospitable who likes to please others. When he came to pick us up, he flew a kite to greet us and thus give us the opportunity to have our own kite experience. He is shown in the photograph at the entrance of his house in a welcoming position waving a small kite.

Hiromi often goes abroad to participate in festivals and to talk about Japanese kites. He is involved in educational activities, so he has made many banners to take abroad, like those on the right of the photograph. He has also made many objects and posters to explain kites to a novice audience.

The big Rokkaku kite on the left and the one that is all crumpled on the ground were made by Hiromi. The second one is a giant kite from the "Yakusha" team of which he is a part. To make his kites, he has been working for some time with a partner called Kazama Masao, and who is famous in the city for being a very good kite painter. Several small kites made by Masao are placed on the tatami in front of Hiromi.

Hiromi formerly worked as a technician at NHK, he is also very good at photography and video editing. He is the one who made the 3D movie being shown at the Shirone Kite Museum.

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